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Welcome to
 Colourful and blooming.

My name is Ilse and
an 18 year old nurse student. 
Besides that, I teach kids rope skipping.
I live in the beautiful Oostende, Belgium.

shoes, candy, shopping, Froffee's, hoodies, cosy cafés, italian food, Chanel, Ben&Jerry's, headphones, my dog, shaved legs, vacation, fashion, summer, streetstyle, cute socks, cherry lipgloss, going to the moviesmusic, smoothies, lingerie, art, tanning, blogging, vintage,  Balenciaga, muffins, nailpolishes, pina colada, heart mints, pyjamas, chunky rings, Miu Miu, boyfriend clothes, fruity perfume, cupcakes, clothing to chill in, magazines, Canada dry, chickflick movies, nice cars, reading, blingbling, blazers, showering, flowers, silk, suede, chiffon, cherry blossoms

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